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Linen Spray Set 2oz

Linen Spray Set 2oz

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Pick 3 of our 2oz linen and room spray 

Tiffany Blue – Fragrance blends of lemongrass, lime, and sugarcane that releases.
a calm and balance scent.
Lavender – Fresh scent of Lavender flowers shifting in a light breeze
April Fresh – Dryer fresh linen enhanced with the aroma of an early spring
Fresh Linen – A refreshing blend of lemon, orange and grapefruit with a fresh
odor eliminator to create a clean fragrance
Baby Powder – Freshen any space with the clean scent of baby powder
Clean Cotton – Aroma of line dried sheet on a sunny day
Lemon Drop - Fresh Uplifting citrus delight
Fresh Laundry – Fresh clean and citrusy floral scent

Made with essential oils. Mist it lightly in a room, onto
your clothes, upholstery, bed linen, or pillows. Perfect addition to your cleaning
routine. 2oz plastic amber bottle with spray top.

Phthalate- free & body safe
100% natural room & linen spray.
Distilled water, Witch hazel and the following 100% all-natural essential oils

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